Do I need to buy tickets in advance?

Yes. Almost every previous RS event has sold out in advance. While you will likely be able to attend the Friday workshop and social by showing up at the door, it is very unlikely that we will have participant tickets available at the door on Ritual day.

If you are looking for our currently available events, check and check the “upcoming events” tab.


Why isn’t Ritual Steel “open” more often?

We are a group of practitioners who produce events, not a venue. This means we don’t have a permanent space, and the dates on the websites are the only dates that we have things happening. If you’re an independently wealthy landowner with space that would be appropriate for our home base, let’s chat. 🙂


I can’t find a specific event for sale on the site – is it sold out?

All events go on sale approx. 3 months before the event. If you don’t see the event you want to go to in the ticket section of the website, then it isn’t on sale yet. If an event is sold out, it will say this when you click on the “buy tickets” link. 


I can no longer make the event, can I return my ticket?

Tickets are usually refundable, minus the credit card or ticketing system fees. You can request a refund by selecting the appropriate actions in your TicketLeap portal.


Once an event is sold out, will there be tickets available at the door/ can I still get in?

Once an event is sold out it means we are full to capacity, and our “capacity” limits are significantly lower than what the fire code may allow for. This is to ensure that the participants have sufficient space to engage with each other in a safe and meaningful way. Once we are sold out there will be no tickets available anywhere – including at the door.


What is the Dresscode?

Simply, there isn’t one. If you intend to be pierced, choose clothing that does not block the area of flesh you plan to pierce. Additionally, be prepared for the real possibility that your blood -could- get on your clothing. Toplessness is allowed, and in most venues full nudity is acceptable as well, but check with event staff just to be sure before going commando. Outside of the practical aspects, we only suggest light, comfortable clothing that it suitable for a ritual environment. Even a simple pair of shorts or a sarong can be sufficient, but if you want to wear full leather that’s cool, too. If you have questions about a particular outfit you’d like to wear, email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.


Do I have to arrive already in my outfit/ can I change once I get there?

If you aren’t comfortable travelling in your Ritual outfit, then you’re welcome to change once you arrive. We don’t have a specific changing area at our events, but participants are welcome to change in the restrooms or on the main floor. To help make it easier to get changed once at the event, we recommend wearing as much of your outfit under your regular clothes as possible, and then you can easily remove any outer layers.


Is there a cloakroom at your events?

There is not a separate cloakroom, but we provide a table/shelving area for personal bags/coats/etc. While this area is inside the venue, it isn’t staffed or guarded. We trust that our attendees are honorable humans who won’t walk away with things that aren’t theirs, but sometimes mistakes happen and people grab the wrong item. Use your own judgement.


Is there a bar at your events?

No. This is an alcohol and drug free event. We will serve refreshments at the social immediately after the workshop, and there may be an offsite social event at a venue that serves alcohol. However, Ritual day is designed to provide an extreme brain/body chemical response, and additional recreational drugs of any sort are not welcome. Take the drugs your doctor recommends, but not the other stuff.


I’ve purchased a ticket and haven’t received it/ have deleted it, what should I do?

If you can’t find your ticket/email confirmation, you can retrieve your tickets by logging into your ticketing account using the email address you purchased the tickets with. If you’re still having issues, then you’re welcome to contact us directly and we will do what we can.


When are your upcoming Rituals?

All confirmed dates are on the website at the bottom of our events page at If an event is listed on there but does not have a featured page on our ticketing website, it means that it has not gone on sale yet. If an event is sold out, it will show as sold out in the event information next to the event listing.

There are other ritual events that our team produces that might not be considered a “Ritual Steel” event for various reasons. We advertise these on our Fetlife group, Instagram, and Facebook pages, as well as via email blast to subscribers. Examples are related workshops or demos that we will be presenting at other conferences, etc.


Can I take photos of the event?

NO! Because what we do is still considered “taboo” by many authority figures, to protect participant privacy we do not allow attendees to take personal photos of any type inside the venue. More info on our photo policy can be found here

That being said, we also believe that documenting these practices is valid and important part of continuing our cultural traditions. We do have at least one official photographer wearing RS identifiers who will take photos during the ritual. We provide “NO PHOTO” wristbands for those who do not wish to be photographed at all; these bands are easy to identify even in low light, and any photos with even a portion of someone wearing a “NO PHOTO” band will be blurred or deleted from the files. Depending on the time it takes the photographer to process the images, we post them to the attendees generally 5 days – 2 weeks after the event. We use select photos for our official media pages, and will always check with the person in the photo before using it publicly. If you are caught taking photos inside the event you will be asked to leave.


If I can’t use a camera phone, can I still bring my phone in with me?

We understand a you may need your phones with you in case of issues with babysitters/ work etc, that’s fine! We just ask that if you need to check your phone, you do so discretely, and outside of the Ritual space. Please remember that this is a ritual environment, and having your phone out for any reason runs counter to the energy we are trying to facilitate.


I lost something at Ritual Steel, who should I contact?

The venues we use deal with lost property, so please contact them directly. All venue contact details will be available in your confirmation email. If you left something on our altar, you can message us as [email protected].

**Unfortunately we’re unable to help with loss of non-tangible items (sense of self, consciousness, ability to view the world as “normal”, etc.) 😉