ENGAGE in SELF is an add-on ritual for Friday.  You must have an existing registration for SouthEast LeatherFest to attend this event. The Ritual Steel facilitation team will conduct a ritualistic hook pull at SouthEast LeatherFest.  This will be a private, ticketed only event available as an add-on for weekend package holders and day pass holders only. ALL attendees will need to purchase a ticket to both SELF and this production of ENGAGE. 

11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Engage: Hook Pull

ENGAGE with those around you and yourself. For many, ritualized hook pulls expand their emotional and spiritual selves. Some people feel a rush of energy, others feel in touch with themselves. Energy Pulls have been occurring for over 3000 years-- for some it is to engage their warrior selves, invite a state of grace, or let go of the ego and experience euphoria. Experience the complex interaction of Mind, Body, Spirit and set yourself free!


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